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Become a Mean Girl [entries|friends|calendar]
Become a MeanGirl!

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[29 Mar 2005|10:56pm]


Click on the link to enter :)
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[07 Feb 2005|08:38pm]

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[20 Jan 2005|11:24pm]
appCollapse )
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"cool" mom app. [31 Dec 2004|02:14pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

About You

Movie Info
-Why do you want to join this community?I LOVE Mean Girls,it's my favorite movie and I love to roleplay.
-Why do you think that you are worthy to join us?I can be a HUGE bitch at times and I'm so pretty!
-What character from MeanGirls is your favorite?Why?I like all of the Plastics because they're very cool and pretty.
-What character do you want to be from MeanGirls? (look to see whose already taken)The "Cool" Mom
-What is your favorite quote in the movie?"It's like I have ESPN or something!"
-How many times have you seen MeanGirls? Bout 30

-Hobbies:Dancing,shopping,and acting
-Bands:Skye Sweetnam,Jojo,Ashlee Simpson
-Actors:Orlando Bloom,Johnny Depp
-Actresses:Lindasy Lohan,Rachel McAdams
-Movies:Mean Girls
-TV Shows:Family Guy

Burn Book
(List one good thing and one bad thing about each of us…be HONEST)
-Regina-Good:GREAT and pretty leader
-Regina-Bad:BIG bitch

-Gretchen-Good:A nice and pretty girl
-Gretchen-Bad:Spills secrets

-Cady-Good:Not being a clone of Regina
-Cady-Bad: Forgetting about her old friends for new ones.

-Karen-Good:She's funny and is good friend to Regina
-Karen-Bad:VERY dumb

Other burns (we're looking for as bitchy as possible):

Hilary Duff:DON'T get me started with her! She doesn't sing and says bad thing about Lindesy Lohan! I hate that bitch
Olsens:MK likes drugs and those dumbass twins can't act!
Britney Spears:Ew! She a HUGE slut!
Paris Hilton:She's a slut too!

Japs:Um...they're OK
Preps:Stop caring about hair,nails,and get cuter clothing!
Goths:They creep the hell out of me.
Punks:They try to hard.
Jocks:Jocks are dumb and they need to get a life!
Tomboys:Your NOT a boy so don't act like one.
Geeks:Get your nose out of that the book and party!

Which do you most identify with?None of the above, I'm just me.

What do you think about…
-Gay Marriage:Love is beauful,I think it's nice how people want to prove their love by getting married.
-Drugs:The one that get you better are great they saved my life! Drugs like pot suck they get you sick.
-Abortion:Well it's ok if you are a teenager and you made a mistake or if you were rapied.
-Shop Lifting:Earn money and get it!
-Pre-marital Sex:Well if your teenager you shouldn't do that!

Tell us a SECRET!:I hate Jell-o! (Sorry don't have anything juicy at the monment.)

Post One Clear Picture of Yourself(if you cannot please specify why and describe):I can't because I don't have any updated pretty pictures of myself!

Link one place where you promoted us:Um...my info and my profile for my AIM name.

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[09 Oct 2004|10:40pm]

Janis Ian or one of the two kissing girlsCollapse )
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[18 Aug 2004|10:44am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Does anyone know How to make Acception and rejection banners Because i wanted to make them but i dont really know how. Thanks

<3 Lexi

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banner [18 Aug 2004|02:56pm]


Hey girls. I was real bored last night so I made a banner. Check it out, let me know what you think. It's not the best thing I've ever made. But it'll do.


Promo BannerCollapse )

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INFORMER [11 Aug 2004|03:51pm]

I know ALL the scoopCollapse )

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[03 Aug 2004|02:30pm]

Regina!Collapse )
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found in meangirlscommunity [27 Jul 2004|02:41pm]


MEAN GIRLS = mean love

Just thought that was cool
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so sorry! [27 Jul 2004|02:16pm]

Oh my gosh, my computer crashed and I finally got enough money to go out and buy myself a laptop. That was the reason why I haven't been posting. I'm so sorry for that happening. It will never happen again and if it does, it'll be ok since we have two computers now. I'll get to voting right away. Sorry again!

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Psst [26 Jul 2004|01:20pm]
Hey Laydeees.
I don't mean to be a snitch or anything. But I saw Cady and Aaron getting a little busy today.

Anyone want details?

tthey were basically just making out like CRAZY, get a room crazy. And Aarons hands were... somewhere I dont think they should have been in public.

i mean a girl cant even go to the mall anymore without haveing to see PDA, someone needs to have a talk with her.

just thought you would like to know.

Oh, and I saw Karen trying on a really ugly dress at 1-3-5 yesterday, someone save her before she buys it.

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Regina! [26 Jul 2004|11:33am]


IM to ReginaCollapse )

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cady [24 Jul 2004|04:24pm]

text message on cell to cadyCollapse )
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gretchen! [16 Jul 2004|02:53am]

psst! note to gretchenCollapse )
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Hey guys! [16 Jul 2004|02:38am]

Hey plastics (and janis) ! I had an idea about the community. Ok so I was looking around at other rpg communities and I had an idea that I kinda got from them. Ok so what we could do is we could all write a lot in our individual journals but like talk and pass notes here. so how you would pass a note is you would have the subject of it and the person you're passing it to and then have the note be under the cut. and then the person could respond by replying to that post but no one else can reply. whatdya think? also you could have like phone convos there too and have threeway convos! get creative! and then write about it in your journal! I'll post the first one in a minute.

you know who
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[11 Jul 2004|02:47am]


the girl that regina disses her skirtCollapse )

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+ReTuRnEd+ [03 Jul 2004|09:03pm]

yep, I'm back too. Florida was AMAZING. (So many boys, so little time) I'm ready to vote. lol.

<3 cady
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i'm baaaack [03 Jul 2004|07:17pm]

hey guys i'm back from an unexpected shortened trip. anyway i'm able to vote now so you need three yes votes in order to be excepted.

Ms. Regina George
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[30 Jun 2004|09:28pm]


Accept and Reject Tags....opinions pleaseCollapse )

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