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About You

Movie Info
-Why do you want to join this community? It's rp and meangirls! How cool is that?
-Why do you think that you are worthy to join us? I can be a mean girl, and I love the movie :D
-What character from MeanGirls is your favorite?Why? I like Janis, she has good comebacks!
-What character do you want to be from MeanGirls? (look to see whose already taken)Ms.Nourbury
-What is your favorite quote in the movie? "If you're from africa, then why are you white?"
-How many times have you seen MeanGirls? About 8 times

-Color: Blue
-Hobbies: Gymnastics, drawing, Field hockey
-Bands: I don't have favorites
-Actors: I don't have any that I can think of
-Actresses:Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch
-Movies: Mean Girls,
-TV Shows: Friends, rebel billionaire
-Stores: Pacsun, Gap

Burn Book
(List one good thing and one bad thing about each of us…be HONEST)
-Regina-Good: She can be a cool friend
-Regina-Bad: Cold hard shiney plastic Bitch.

-Gretchen-Good: Her hair is really pretty and her eyes
-Gretchen-Bad: Regina will get back at her

-Cady-Good: She has style
-Cady-Bad: You just can't trust her

-Karen-Good:She's supportive, even if she's alittle dumb
-Karen-Bad: Dumb..

Other burns (we're looking for as bitchy as possible):

Hilary Duff: She honestly is the worst actress I have ever seen.
Olsens: Get over them. They're so 10 years ago.
Britney Spears: Why do people love her?
Paris Hilton: You should become famous for a sex tape ass.

Japs:Peral Harbor, but I guess they're ok.
Preps: hoes (some are, some are nice)
Goths: Black is icky if you wear to much
Punks: Clean your nails
Jocks: Don't talk about football every second
Tomboys: You're a girl!! Atleast act like one!

Which do you most identify with?

What do you think about…
-Gay Marriage: Not agasnt it, not for it
-Drugs: Are bad for your body
-Abortion: women should have the choice
-Shop Lifting: Work for the moneu
-Pre-marital Sex: It's gross if you're a teen

Tell us a SECRET!:
I don't have any good secrets right now

Post One Clear Picture of Yourself(if you cannot please specify why and describe):
I don't have a camera at the time, or a picture I'm sorry.

Thanks :D!!
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