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About You
Melissa.. but please call me Mel

Movie Info
-Why do you want to join this community?
I enjoyed the movie TONS.
-Why do you think that you are worthy to join us?
I can provide you with ALL the scoop.
-What character from MeanGirls is your favorite? Why?
Janis. Because she was herself.
-What character do you want to be from MeanGirls? (look to see whose already taken)
The Informer.. dun dun dun lol
-What is your favorite quote in the movie? “
It’s not my fault I have a heavy flow and a wide set vagina.” HAHA I just crack up.
-How many times have you seen MeanGirls?
2 ½ (my boyfriend deceided to call me in the middle to talk about out relationship, so I left.)

I love love love to draw. And writing poetry is up there. Right along with SHOPPING
Coheed and Cambria.. but literally I like ANYTHING. From pop, to country, to classic
Matt Damon
Rachel mcAdams and Julia Roberts
Mean Girls, Bourne Identity and Supremacy
-TV Shows:
best Week Ever
Charlotte Ruse, Pac Sun, Forever 21, Zumiez, Wet Seal, Weathervane, Urban outfitters.

Burn Book
(List one good thing and one bad thing about each of us…be HONEST)
Can we say beautiful
Such a bitch

I absolutely love her hair, and her tan
Lets mean ol’ regina walk all over her

betrays her friends

shes so innocent and pretty
Damn she can be dumb

Other burns (we're looking for as bitchy as possible):

Hilary Duff:
if you want to call that pusic go right ahead. More like crap to me. She sucks at singing and shes not a good actress, and she NEVER should have gotten to make out with Chad Murray In Cinderella Story.
Ok, is she anorexic? or is she on heroin? UM, one isn’t much better then the other. I say its BOTH.
Britney Spears:
slut slut slut. cant sing for crap and the biggest mistake of her life was ending it with JT
Paris Hilton:
I don’t think its necessary to make a sex tape with every guy you meet.

they bombed our harbor damnit!
its like their in a lil world all to themselves and they are so damn stuck up
black is all they wear, its not attractive get over it stop trying to look like Manson!
they all claim to be original, but when 100’s of people are exactly the same, that’s not to original
they think with their cock and not their brain. I know all guys do but jocks do it most
If you are a girl DRESS and Act like one damnit
self explanatory, losers no one likes you get a life.

Which do you most identify with?

What do you think about…
-Gay Marriage:
everyone has the right to be happy.
Bad Idea DON’T DO THEM. your only killing yourself
prochoice a woman should be able to choose
-Shop Lifting:
NO I HATE shoplifters if you can afford it go shop at the dollar store
-Pre-marital Sex:
I’m for it, because I for one have had sex but I LOVE my boyfriend. Make sure you love them and its not just casual sex

Tell us a SECRET!:
I was terribly drunk and I had sex with my best friends boyfriend.

Post One Clear Picture of Yourself(if you cannot please specify why and describe):

I don’t have a digital camera, or scanner. Im SO sorry girls!

I’m 5’6 with brown hair brown eyes. people say I look like Jessica Beil.

Link one place where you promoted us:

***If I’m accepted I’m going to use my lady in red journal for this community because I don’t post in it.

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